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Top 20 Albums Of 2014

I know I’ve been neglecting this blog a lot lately, but to make up for it I’m now doing a super long post (probably too long) about my top 20 albums of this year.

20. Hozier // Hozier

Hozier’s debut album is one that that really took the world by storm this year, especially with his single Take Me To Church which seems to be playing on just about every radio station just about all the time, and I have no complaints about this. Hozier is uplifting yet haunting, and whilst it’s clear that it’s been influenced by various artists of a similar genre, this album is definitely something different, and something unique, and definitely something worth checking out if you haven’t already.

Album Number: One

Release Date: 10th June 2014

Favourite Tracks: From Eden and To Be Alone

19. Lacuna // Childhood

I’d been eagerly anticipating the release of this album since the beginning of 2013, and it didn’t disappoint. The thing I like most about Childhood, and about their album, is how their songs are so undeniably linked in a way that some bands struggle to achieve, sounding similar enough to be distinctively them but not sounding too samey. In a word – it sounds like summer, and it’s definitely an album to lift you out of a dark mood.

Album Number: One

Release Date: 11th August 2014

Favourite Tracks: As I Am and Solemn Skies

18. So Long…See You Tomorrow // Bombay Bicycle Club

So Long…See You Tomorrow is an album that I constantly go to when I’m in need of a chilled-out album to listen to, and what I like most about it is how the tracks flow so nicely into each other, which is what makes it so perfect to just relax and think to. Whilst I personally don’t exactly love the songs on their own, I think that it works brilliantly as an album and I really enjoy it.

Album Number: Four

Release Date: 3rd February 2014

Favourite Tracks: Home By Now and Luna

17. Alvvays // Alvvays

Alvvays are definitely one of my favourite new bands to come out of 2014, mostly because they’re so different to the majority of what’s been coming out all year. They have a very nostalgic sort of sound to them, twinkly and light yet also with an undertone of melancholy.

Album Number: One

Release Date: 22nd July 2014

Favourite Tracks: Archie, Marry Me, Party Police and Atop A Cake

16. Ryan Adams // Ryan Adams

Whilst this album is definitely a much more commercial album than what Ryan Adams usually releases, and whilst I don’t think this is one of my favourites of his fourteen albums, I definitely really do think Ryan Adam’s eponymous album is a very good one – with some fun uplifting ones like Kim and Gimme Something Good and then some much more chilled and beautiful ones like My Wrecking Ball. It also sounds really brilliant live.

Album Number: Fourteen 

Release Date: 5th September 2014

Favourite Tracks: Kim and My Wrecking Ball

15. 48:13 // Kasabian

I can’t say I’m usually a huge Kasabian fan – I mean, I’ve liked what I’ve heard on the radio but I’ve never made an effort to listen to their albums, I’ve always thought they’d be great live but I’ve never bought tickets. But I genuinely really do like 48:13 and I would love to see it performed live. 48:13 seems much more experimental and unique compared to Kasabian’s other albums, and I would say that it’s the instrumental interludes that really make me enjoy this record so much.

Album Number: Five

Release Date: 9th July 2014

Favourite Tracks: Bumblebeee and Treat

14. Royal Blood // Royal Blood

Royal Blood very quickly seemed to take the world by storm in 2014, and whilst I think that this album is significantly better live than on record, I do really like this album and I think Royal Blood are definitely an exciting new band who are going to continue being exciting throughout 2015. I’d definitely recommend going to see Royal Blood when they’re next gigging near you – but with how they’re doing at the moment, you’d be lucky to get tickets, so perhaps just buy the album instead.

Album Number: One

Release Date: 22nd August 2014

Favourite Tracks: Little Monster and Loose Change

13. This Is All Yours // Alt-J

Whilst This Is All Yours is mostly fairly downbeat and chilled out, it also holds a couple of groovier tunes like Left Hand Free. It’s different enough from the band’s debut album An Awesome Wave to not be boring, but still has the same cool, wispy delicateness yet with a slight touch of wildness that Alt-J are known for.

Album Number: Two

Release Date: 22nd September 2014

Favourite Tracks: Every Other Freckle and Warm Foothills

12. Picture You Staring // TOPS

Picture You Staring is wistful, nostalgic, relaxing – and totally different to the majority of records that came out in 2014. The songs are all so different from each other that it’s definitely clear how experimental they’re being with their sound even with their second album, and this is really interesting to hear, since they seem to be able to fantastically pull off all the sounds they venture into throughout this album.

Album Number: Two

Release Date: 2nd September 2014

Favourite Tracks: Sleeptalker and Change Of Heart

11. Atlas // Real Estate

Atlas is nostalgic, shimmery and quirky, all in one go. It’s elegant but also uplifting and chilled but happy. I’d be really interested to see it played live but I haven’t been able to see Real Estate live yet – there’s a goal for 2015. If you’re looking for an album to put a smile on your face but in a soft way, go with Atlas. 

Album Number: Three

Release Date: 3rd March 2014

Favourite Tracks: Talking Backwards and The Bend

10. Sun Structures // Temples

Sun Structures is hazy and psychedelic and unique yet still undeniably a homage to an abundance of other bands of this type, taking snippets of the best bits and putting into one influenced yet individual album. After having seen this album live twice now I can say that live it definitely holds the same mystic atmosphere and it’s like another world, putting you at ease but setting you alive at the same time.

Album Number: One

Release Date: 10th February 2014

Favourite Tracks: A Question Isn’t Answered and Colours To Life

9. I Forget Where We Were // Ben Howard

If Ben Howard’s debut album Every Kingdom is hungry for a past happiness, I Forget Where We Were is nestled in isolation, much darker and lonelier yet still somehow subtly uplifting with songs like She Treats Me Well. It’s perfectly chilled out yet still at the same time very deep and thoughtful, and definitely worth a listen, especially on a dark, rainy evening when you’re feeling particularly reflective.

Album Number: Two

Release Date: 20th October 2014

Favourite Tracks: She Treats Me Well and Evergreen

8. Don’t Say That // Superfood

Superfood’s greatly anticipated debut album Don’t Say That definitely didn’t disappoint their abundance of fans that they’d picked up from touring with bands like Wolf Alice and Peace over the last couple of years. Don’t Say That is full of catchy but unique songs with quirky lyrics – they just sound fun, and they are, both live and on record. Superfood are a fun band, in both their band name, their songs, their live performances, and Don’t Say That definitely encapsulates that.

Album Number: One

Release Date: 3rd November 2014

Favourite Tracks: You Can Believe, Superfood and Melting

7. Warpaint // Warpaint

Warpaint is light and delicate, but powerful. The songs are chilled out yet intense, and they transfer brilliantly into a live set. It’s somehow dizzy, lustful, gentle and personal, all in one go. The songs flow into each other beautifully, but each song stands individually as wonderful songs alone.

Album Number: Two

Release Date: 20th January 2014

Favourite Tracks: Love Is to Die and Keep It Healthy

6. Carry On The Grudge // Jamie T

Five years away and Jamie T comes back and smashes it with this absolutely amazing album. It’s poetic and deep but at the same time quirky and fun. The lyrics are so concise that they seem effortlessly strung together yet considerately thought through. It’s much more emotionally deep and darker than Jamie T’s previous albums, yet remains very much linked in the brilliantly quirky yet deeply honest.

Album Number: Three

Release Date: 29th September 2014

Favourite Tracks: Limits Lie, Zombie, Love Is Only A Heartbeat Away and Turn On The Light

5. Drowners // Drowners

After now having seen Drowners’ three times and having met them three times, I can clarify that the band have a great live debut album, and also that they seem like really nice guys in person. I did a review of this album when it first came out (read here if you want) so I won’t go into a huge amount of detail on my thoughts, but it’s infectious, it’s exciting, it’s youthful – and all of these things make it really fun live as well as on record.

Album Number: One

Release Date: 28th January 2014

Favourite Tracks: Luv, Hold Me Down and You’ve Got It Wrong

4. Disgraceland // The Orwells

The Orwells are definitely one of my favourite live bands, and the level of energy and wildness runs through not only their live performance but their album. It’s definitely an album to stick on at a party, because it’s crazy and upbeat but none of the songs are too similar. It’s an album that makes you want to take the world by storm – or just go get wasted.

Album Number: Two

Release Date: 2nd June 2014

Favourite Tracks: Dirty Sheets and Bathroom Tile Blues

3. The Balcony // Catfish and the Bottlemen

The Balcony is one of those albums that is truly packed to the brim with absolute belters, and this means that live it goes down incredibly. You don’t have to have met the band a tonne of times or seen every interview to just be able to tell from the lyrics on their album that they don’t take themselves too seriously, and to me this is really refreshing to hear in a new band. If you want to hear more of my thoughts on this album I wrote a review when it first came out (read here if you want).

Album Number: One

Release Date: 15th September 2014

Favourite Tracks: Kathleen, Cocoon and Tyrants

2. Weird Little Birthday // Happyness

I first came across Happyness when I saw them supporting Drowners at the Borderline in August, and immediately I was blown away. Their music is like a stunningly effortless mix of influence and individuality, with essences of Sparklehorse and Teenage Fanclub. The lyrics are fun and quirky and the music ranges of wildly upbeat (eg Refrigerate Her) to hauntingly sad (eg Baby, Jesus (Jelly Boy). Happyness are definitely one of my favourite bands to come out of 2014 and I definitely hope to see even more from them next year.

Album Number: One

Release Date: 16th June 2014 

Favourite Tracks: It’s On You, Weird Little Birthday Girl and Leave The Party

1. Lazaretto // Jack White

The reason Lazaretto is the album that automatically comes to my mind as my favourite album of the year is that it’s so alive. Every song is so unique yet linked together, all of the lyrics are genuinely incredible and insightful, all the melodies are so individual. I love this album, both on record, and having it now seen live twice. You can just feel the energy from listening to the album, and whilst it’s all so flawlessly put together it still somehow sounds so easy and effortless – but perhaps that’s just because I’m certain Jack White is some sort of godlike genius.

Album Number: Two (as a solo artist)

Release Date: 6th June 2014

Favourite Tracks: Three Women, Lazaretto, Just One Drink – screw it, they’re all my favourites

Other albums that I really loved but didn’t make my top 20 include: Honeyblood // Honeyblood, Night Time, My Time // Sky Ferreira, St Vincent // St Vincent, Manhattan // Skaters, Under The Volcano // The Family Rain, Eagulls // Eagulls, Here And Nowhere Else // Cloud Nothings and Sadnecessary // Milky Chance.


“Please Refrain From Capturing The Concert”

I’m going to admit to it – I am guilty of occasionally getting out my phone at a concert and filming a song or taking some photos for Instagram or Snapchat. And the fact is, whilst I do post the photo or video onto Instagram and I occasionally look back and watch it, I always wonder whether it’s actually worth it.

On Thursday 23rd October, I went to see Wolf Alice at London Heaven. Wolf Alice are one of my favourite bands and they were absolutely amazing and I don’t think I’m going to do a review on that gig because it would literally be me just saying how brilliant they were. I hate to admit this but I did take a photo and a fifteen second video during the concert, and quite frankly, I regret it.

I find it so annoying when I’m looking at the crowd and everybody has their phones up in front of their faces. Most of the time they’re not even watching the band in person, they’re watching it through their phone to check they got good framing. I can totally understand taking a couple of photos, or video a song or maybe two, but I just find it quite stupid to be honest, when people are watching the whole thing through their phones, when they paid money to see it and experience it in real life.

On Saturday 25th October, I went to see St Vincent at the Roundhouse. If you’ve never seen St Vincent or you don’t know what her live performances are like, then the only way I explain it to you is that it’s more performance art than live music. She really puts on a show and it’s incredible to see such a brilliant live performer. She puts on a character and is very physical in her performing and it’s intriguing to watch. At the beginning of the concert, an overhead voice asked the crowd to please refrain from capturing the concert with any filming and photographic device.

Despite this, people were still filming the show. And this annoyed me because whilst Wolf Alice was just a normal gig with a great live band and music, St Vincent’s show was true performance art and it created a certain atmosphere and a part of that meant no filming or photography, and people disregarding that did really make a difference.

So essentially what I’m trying to say is (unless you’re professionally hired to film or take photos) you can take a few photos or film a little bit of a concert, but please try to enjoy the concert in real life for what it is, you’ll probably find it a lot more enjoyable. And if you’re at a concert and the performer asks for people not to capture the concert, please just do what they say; they’re saying it for a reason.

Bloody Brilliant Films #1

I love films. They’re a huge part of my life and I will often put aside days to just sit alone in my room and watch films. Old, new, stupid, intelligent, happy, sad, whatever. I love films.

I wanted to do a Top 5 Favourite Films type thing but my favourites change so often that a week after posting it I would want to edit it and change to my new current favourites, and plus I don’t think I could narrow it down to only five. So I decided to just every so often talk about a few films I absolutely love, starting today. Each of my favourite films posts will only consist of five short film reviews, no more and no less. I won’t be describing the plots of the film because I don’t want to give anything away – if a film I’ve listed sounds good to you and you haven’t seen it yet, I don’t want to ruin the plot for you and prevent you from enjoying it if you watch it.

I know this blog is typically about music, but I will keep posting about music, just with some posts about films interspersed. So here we go.

  • Submarine (2010)

I’m not going to lie; the main reason I watched Submarine in the first place was because of the soundtrack, written and performed by Alex Turner. But Submarine is more than just a brilliant soundtrack. It is beautifully put together, from the script to the camera work to the colour scheming to the characters. Everything in it is so fluid and well put together but at the same time is not predictable or easy. This film is so uniquely put together that it resonates in your mind for a long time. It’s funny, yet heartbreakingly sad, and when it’s over, well it’s hard to decipher exactly how you feel. It’s absolutely beautiful, I couldn’t recommend Submarine enough.

  • Palo Alto (2013)

Palo Alto is based on a short story collection by James Franco, and my God, it’s a work of art. Without giving too much away, it is a stunning portrayal of the lives of misunderstood adolescents finding themselves and trying to discover who they are. The use of silence in this film is what really makes me love it so much and what makes it so powerful to me. In its dialogue and scripting it’s captivating and interesting, but the silence is what really makes the lines hit in my opinion. It’s angsty and hormonal, but it’s also beautiful and intelligent, and definitely worth watching. (Plus the soundtrack is absolutely gorgeous).

  • The Breakfast Club (1985)

I’d be surprised if you’re reading this and you’ve never seen The Breakfast Club; but if you indeed haven’t, or if you have and just want to hear someone’s thoughts on it, then here you go. The Breakfast Club is a real classic, and whilst part of this is probably due to the storyline and the scripture, the thing that I’ve always found most incredible about this film is the performances from the actors. The performances are so raw and hard-hitting that it makes you feel like these actors really had gone through everything these characters had.

  • The Virgin Suicides (1999)

What I like most about The Virgin Suicides as a film is definitely 100% the air of mystery. It works with the topic of teen suicide, of sex, of relationships, or heartbreak, but it doesn’t hammer those topics into the audience making it cliche and boring. It keeps the tone of intensity but through the tinges of sadness in the air and in the way the narrative speaks. The director, Sofia Coppola, makes no attempt to persuade the audience to feel any particular way about the characters, the film entirely lets the audience make their own unique thoughts, feelings and opinions on the character.

  • Nowhere Boy (2009)

Nowhere Boy explores the early years of the life of John Lennon, and as a huge Beatles fan, I felt the need to watch it, and my God I’m glad I did. This film has such a incredible and heartbreaking storyline that is John Lennon’s life, but it’s not just that that makes it a brilliant film. There’s the amazing performances from the actors (in particular Aaron Johnson who plays John Lennon) and there’s the innovative camera-work and the way that it does justice to Lennon’s tough start to life and focuses on a part of his life we don’t always hear too much about.

So those are some films I truly love. I’m not sure when my next film-related post will be, but they will definitely be dispersed within music posts.

Happy Birthday John Lennon

I wanted to talk briefly somewhere about John Lennon and his importance to me somewhere in honour of his 74th birthday, but I was hesitant about posting this on this blog because I haven’t spent a great amount of time writing it and it is literally just my train of thought relating to John Lennon on his birthday, but here it is…

Ever since I was a little kid, the Beatles have been a massive part of my life. Their music was played all the time at my house and I grew up to be quite the Beatlemaniac, and before I was fourteen, I’d been to almost every Beatles venue in Liverpool and London, owned a significant amount of their merchandise, and seen Paul McCartney live – the closest I’ll probably ever get to a Beatle (the O2 staff kindly swapped my practically back row tickets for front row ones for no extra cost – but that’s another story for another time). Whilst I stand by the statement that my favourite band is Oasis, The Beatles have always been very close to my heart.

I don’t always talk about my love and admiration for John Lennon because it’s usually faced with a handful of nasty things about him (e.g “he was a wife beater”) and some of the things said may be true, some of them may not be – but something important about having a role model is knowing that not everything they’ve ever done is role model material, and you’ve got to just see and try to practice the good that they’ve done, rather than the bad.

I know that it’s not fair to say that one of your biggest role models’ mistakes in life don’t matter because, well, they’re one of your biggest role models, but since it’s his birthday, I just wanted to express my adoration for the brilliant, incredible, beautiful things he did in his life.

There’s no denying that John Lennon wrote some of the best songs in British history, not just with the Beatles, but solo as well, and he made such a huge difference in the movement for peace. His death was truly a tragedy and it is not fair to revoke that and say that it isn’t just because he did some bad things in his life. I’m not going to list all of these bad things I’ve read that he’s done – because whilst some of them have been proved true, some of them have not been, and I don’t want to provide false information.

I know this post didn’t make much sense and was quite rambley, but I just wanted to get out my feelings about this. Happy birthday John Lennon, rest in peace.

I’ll end this post with Here Today by Paul McCartney, a song about John Lennon that I’ve been listening to pretty much all day in honour.

Ryan Adams at Shepherd’s Bush Empire 19-09-14

The other night I was lucky enough to see one of my favourite artists in the world perform live for the first time. I’ve been a huge Ryan Adams fan since I was quite young because my dad’s always played his music in the house. A lot of people I know haven’t heard of Ryan Adams and their response to my constant babbling about him is, “oh yeah, I love Summer of 69!” (Insert universal sigh from all Ryan Adams fans.)

Anyway – so when I heard he was playing two nights at Shepherd’s Bush Empire I was ridiculously excited and at first intended to get tickets for both nights but the tickets sold out so quickly I was only able to get them for one night. And it was honestly one of the most amazing concerts I’ve ever been to.

It’s not like the crowd was lively or the setlist was one I’d have immediately picked, but Ryan Adam’s beautiful voice made it feel like the world had stopped and the feeling of awe was palpable from everyone in the room. The atmosphere was incredible and the music was just so, so perfect. I can’t explain it.

The band was so tight but at the same time so laid back it was obvious how pure their talent was, and it made the whole show feel so incredibly raw.

My personal favourites from the set were My Wrecking Ball, Political Scientist and Oh My Sweet Carolina. 

Another highlight was Johnny Depp joining Ryan and the band onstage for the encoures Kim and I Love You But I Don’t Know What To Say. His presence definitely changed the atmosphere a bit and his and Ryan’s chemistry was wonderful.

If you haven’t given Ryan Adams a listen before, I definitely recommend you give him a try. He’s got a very soft alt-country vibe going on, but his newer album has definitely developed into a more rocky sound and lost some of the country elements. Either way though, he’s one of the most perfect chill sounding artists out there and if you’re looking for a good artist to listen to whilst reflecting upon your life – I couldn’t recommend him any higher.

The Balcony – Catfish and the Bottlemen

I’m sure if you rely on Twitter to hear about new indie bands, then you’ll have heard of Catfish and the Bottlemen. However, if you’re dependant on magazines like NME for example, you’ll probably have heard very little about them considering NME seem to never, ever write about them.

This is pretty stupid on NME’s part considering Catfish and the Bottlemen are clearly on the rise, with the realise of their debut album the Balcony raising up the chart on its release date, 15th September.

I had pretty high hopes for this album, after big love for the singles and their live performances, with tickets booked to see them in November and the album on pre-order, and I was definitely not disappointed. Whilst a lot of the songs on the album I knew already from them being released as singles previously, I was definitely pleased with the newer songs on the album as well, and I think the band are really going to take the world by storm some time soon.

The main thing I really love about this album, and this band in general, is the energy you get just from listening to them on record that makes you just know they’re a great live band. Not just that, but their songs’ lyrics are youthful but don’t take themselves too seriously and this is really refreshing and great to hear in the music of today.

If you haven’t listened to Catfish and the Bottlemen, I strongly suggest checking them out. My personal favourite songs on the album are Kathleen and Hourglass, but it’s hard to pick because I honestly love them all.

Album rate – 9/10

Update (And Apologies)

Hello lovely people who read my blog,

Just wanted to say I’m sorry I said I’d go back to posting every Wednesday and then ended up being all unreliable and posting whenever I feel like it. It’s really nice of people to stay following this blog and reading my posts when I’ve been hardly ever posting. 

Anyway I’m going back to school next week (cue lots of crying) and so I’ll be back on some form of schedule instead of waiting up at midday and then doing whatever for the rest of the day, so hopefully it’ll be easier to post on a regular basis. I think I’m going to try to post on Thursdays now instead of Wednesdays because it just works better with what I’ve got going on at the moment.

To conclude – thanks for sticking with me; it’s really nice of people to keep following me and reading my posts when I’ve been neglecting this blog. 


x x x 

Top 10 Favourite Reading Sets

There’s a lot of brilliant things about Reading Festival (and Leeds as well obviously), and due to this a lot of people choose to go because of the experience. For me, there was that factor, but I was also extremely excited about seeing a selection of my favourite bands and check out some new ones.

  1. The set that blew me away the most was The Orwells at Festival Republic. The band had so much energy and really went all out and this made the crowd so much livelier as well, and the short set was filled to the brim with energetic songs off both their albums Remember When and Disgraceland. The crowd was brilliant and a particular highlight of that set was lead singer Mario climbing up the lighting rig.
  2. Then of course I loved Arctic Monkeys at Main Stage, but I won’t talk about this set for too long since I’m pretty sure most people who went to Reading or Leeds went to this set. Whilst the set wasn’t majorly different to their set at Finsbury Park or many other recent gigs, they did include My Propellor and When The Sun Goes Down, which made me extremely happy and I think they are songs which should be played live far more often. 
  3. Another set I absolutely adored was Happyness at BBC Introducing. Whilst the crowd was pretty small and chill, I thought the band played really well and are definitely one to watch out for in the next few months. I saw them support Drowners at the Borderline on 20th August, and made it a must to see them again at Reading. With quirky and random song lyrics and a Teenage Fanclub-esque vibe about them, they’re definitely one of my favourite new bands.
  4. Another set I really enjoyed was The Wytches at NME Stage. I’d heard of the Wytches but never really listened to them, but my friend who didn’t go to Reading or Leeds told me to check them out if I was able to, since she really likes them and said they’re really cool live. And since the Wytches’ set was pretty early on, I was able to go down and watch them with absolutely no idea what it would be like. They were really really awesome and had so much energy and I was honestly blown away and would love to see them again.
  5. I also really loved Cage The Elephant at NME Stage. They were so full of energy and I want to see them again so bad because they honestly blew me away with their set. Playing a mix of songs off their various albums, all of which went down a hit with the crowd, Cage The Elephant really smashed it at Reading.
  6. Another favourite of mine from Reading Festival was Drowners at Festival Republic. I’d seen them literally only a few days before at the Borderline and at Rough Trade in February and they were really fantastic both times so I had to see them again at Reading. They were really energetic and fun to watch and they came out at the end to meet people which was cool as well. I’m probably a bit biased since they’re one of my favourite bands, but they were definitely one of my favourites at Reading.
  7. I also really enjoyed Palma Violets at Festival Republic. The crowd was so lively and the band absolutely smashed it and I’d definitely love to see them again sometime soon with a longer set because I honestly did not want their Reading set to end.
  8. Another set I really loved was Temples at NME Stage. I’d seen Temples at Rough Trade in February and they were awesome so I was desperate to see them again and my friends are all big fans as well. The atmosphere was so cool and they played such a great set and it was definitely one of my Reading highlights.
  9. I also really loved The Kooks at NME Stage. I used to really like the Kooks a few years ago, and then I kind of went off them and I haven’t really been interested in their newer stuff, but after seeing them at Reading I’m definitely much more fond of them and their new stuff. Their set involved a mix of things from their new album, their first album Inside In Inside Out and then a song off Junk Of The Heart. 
  10. Lastly, I really enjoyed Royal Blood at NME Stage. After seeing them at Finsbury Park I was desperate to catch their set and I’m so glad I did because they really blew me away and it was amazing how big the crowd was and how quickly they’re fan base has grown from when I saw them at Finsbury. Their album just came out as well and I’m definitely going to get it and I hope I can see them again soon.

Other highlights from the weekend that didn’t make my top ten include Warpaint, Drenge, Peace, and the small amount of Catfish and the Bottlemen‘s set that I caught.

Summer Songs Part 1

A mix of happy and sad songs about summer and being young and stupid etc…

  • Let’s Go Surfing // The Drums
  • Down By The Water // The Drums

Most of The Drums’ self-titled album “The Drums” has a pretty summery vibe to it, but these two songs in particular stick out to me in particular. Let’s Go Surfing is blatantly summer-themed, not only with the lyrics but with the whistling and the general fast tempo. Down By The Water has a much slower tempo, and as a contrast gives the idea of a summer evening rather than a summer day.

  • Long Hair // Drowners

An upbeat song with a nostalgic vibe that talks a lot about being young and it makes you want to get off your arse and go enjoy yourself and make the most of your summer. It’s not so much a summer song as such, but more of a song about nostalgia and being young.

  • Wetsuit // The Vaccines
  • That Summer Feeling // The Vaccines

The Vaccines are, in general, a pretty summery-sounding band, especially with their early stuff. Wetsuit is a song about summer activities and being young and wild and free etc, whilst That Summer Feeling, originally by Jonathan Richman, is more about lusting for summer and everything it brings, and is much more gentle, perfect to listen to on warm summer nights.

  • Seaside // The Kooks

Not much to say really-this song is obviously about the seaside and being in love and being happy and that’s kind of what everyone wants their summer to be like isn’t it? (Even if your summer is mostly just watching every single episode of your favourite TV show)

  • California Daze // Peace

A song that again, is slow and beautiful and has a very nostalgic vibe to it. Perfect to listen to while watching the sun set or something cheesy like that. 

  • Diane Young // Vampire Weekend

Every year I look back on the summer and think about what my “summer anthem” was, i.e. the song I listened to on repeat non stop and sang all the time probably pissing everyone off to no end (this year I’m pretty sure mine is Lazaretto by Jack White). Last summer mine was definitely Diane Young and perhaps it is due to this that I consider it a song related to summer rather than it actually being one. Either way, it’s upbeat and cheery even if the message isn’t necessarily so happy.

  • Reckless Serenade // Arctic Monkeys

With a cheery bass line and lustful lyrics, Reckless Serenade is such a perfect summer song because it’s just so gently happy, without it coming out as some kind of festival anthem which usually you’re sick of by the end of the summer.

  • Old Pine // Ben Howard

This song is slow, soft and beautiful, with nostalgic lyrics about beaches and summer, etc. Perfect to listen to on a warm summer night, and was practically the only song I listened to during summer 2012.


Sorry I’ve hardly been writing on here lately, I’ve just been busy with friends, etc, but I’m going to really try to write on here more regularly. 

Jack White at Eventim Apollo Review

Last night I went to see Jack White at Eventim Apollo, and I went with ridiculously high expectations after seeing him at the same venue (however it was still called Hammersmith Apollo at that time) and being overwhelmed by his live performance and the contagious energy given out the whole way through.

I was not in the slightest disappointed. Jack started the set with Sixteen Saltines, from the album Blunderbuss, and the amount of energy he gave out was insane, and the crowd reacted with such liveliness. As the set continued with a mix of solo work (prominently from the new album Lazaretto, but also some tracks from Blunderbuss), White Stripes songs, Raconteurs songs and I believe there was a Dead Weather song as well, the energy was kept at such a high level all the way through. The band were fantastic, especially the drummer, and Jack himself was of course on point also.

I’d say my personal highlights were Seven Nation Army (of course), Steady As She Goes, Three Women, Lazaretto and High Ball Stepper. (Also being stood next to Noel Fielding at the bar was pretty cool as well).

If you like a lively gig then I strongly recommend you go see Jack White on his tour this autumn. He’s honestly one of the best live performers about and whilst the tickets are pretty pricey (I think mine was about £30, and frankly I find any ticket over £20 pricey), it’s definitely worth it.