“Please Refrain From Capturing The Concert”

by lucylikesbands

I’m going to admit to it – I am guilty of occasionally getting out my phone at a concert and filming a song or taking some photos for Instagram or Snapchat. And the fact is, whilst I do post the photo or video onto Instagram and I occasionally look back and watch it, I always wonder whether it’s actually worth it.

On Thursday 23rd October, I went to see Wolf Alice at London Heaven. Wolf Alice are one of my favourite bands and they were absolutely amazing and I don’t think I’m going to do a review on that gig because it would literally be me just saying how brilliant they were. I hate to admit this but I did take a photo and a fifteen second video during the concert, and quite frankly, I regret it.

I find it so annoying when I’m looking at the crowd and everybody has their phones up in front of their faces. Most of the time they’re not even watching the band in person, they’re watching it through their phone to check they got good framing. I can totally understand taking a couple of photos, or video a song or maybe two, but I just find it quite stupid to be honest, when people are watching the whole thing through their phones, when they paid money to see it and experience it in real life.

On Saturday 25th October, I went to see St Vincent at the Roundhouse. If you’ve never seen St Vincent or you don’t know what her live performances are like, then the only way I explain it to you is that it’s more performance art than live music. She really puts on a show and it’s incredible to see such a brilliant live performer. She puts on a character and is very physical in her performing and it’s intriguing to watch. At the beginning of the concert, an overhead voice asked the crowd to please refrain from capturing the concert with any filming and photographic device.

Despite this, people were still filming the show. And this annoyed me because whilst Wolf Alice was just a normal gig with a great live band and music, St Vincent’s show was true performance art and it created a certain atmosphere and a part of that meant no filming or photography, and people disregarding that did really make a difference.

So essentially what I’m trying to say is (unless you’re professionally hired to film or take photos) you can take a few photos or film a little bit of a concert, but please try to enjoy the concert in real life for what it is, you’ll probably find it a lot more enjoyable. And if you’re at a concert and the performer asks for people not to capture the concert, please just do what they say; they’re saying it for a reason.