Happy Birthday John Lennon

by lucylikesbands

I wanted to talk briefly somewhere about John Lennon and his importance to me somewhere in honour of his 74th birthday, but I was hesitant about posting this on this blog because I haven’t spent a great amount of time writing it and it is literally just my train of thought relating to John Lennon on his birthday, but here it is…

Ever since I was a little kid, the Beatles have been a massive part of my life. Their music was played all the time at my house and I grew up to be quite the Beatlemaniac, and before I was fourteen, I’d been to almost every Beatles venue in Liverpool and London, owned a significant amount of their merchandise, and seen Paul McCartney live – the closest I’ll probably ever get to a Beatle (the O2 staff kindly swapped my practically back row tickets for front row ones for no extra cost – but that’s another story for another time). Whilst I stand by the statement that my favourite band is Oasis, The Beatles have always been very close to my heart.

I don’t always talk about my love and admiration for John Lennon because it’s usually faced with a handful of nasty things about him (e.g “he was a wife beater”) and some of the things said may be true, some of them may not be – but something important about having a role model is knowing that not everything they’ve ever done is role model material, and you’ve got to just see and try to practice the good that they’ve done, rather than the bad.

I know that it’s not fair to say that one of your biggest role models’ mistakes in life don’t matter because, well, they’re one of your biggest role models, but since it’s his birthday, I just wanted to express my adoration for the brilliant, incredible, beautiful things he did in his life.

There’s no denying that John Lennon wrote some of the best songs in British history, not just with the Beatles, but solo as well, and he made such a huge difference in the movement for peace. His death was truly a tragedy and it is not fair to revoke that and say that it isn’t just because he did some bad things in his life. I’m not going to list all of these bad things I’ve read that he’s done – because whilst some of them have been proved true, some of them have not been, and I don’t want to provide false information.

I know this post didn’t make much sense and was quite rambley, but I just wanted to get out my feelings about this. Happy birthday John Lennon, rest in peace.

I’ll end this post with Here Today by Paul McCartney, a song about John Lennon that I’ve been listening to pretty much all day in honour.