Ryan Adams at Shepherd’s Bush Empire 19-09-14

by lucylikesbands

The other night I was lucky enough to see one of my favourite artists in the world perform live for the first time. I’ve been a huge Ryan Adams fan since I was quite young because my dad’s always played his music in the house. A lot of people I know haven’t heard of Ryan Adams and their response to my constant babbling about him is, “oh yeah, I love Summer of 69!” (Insert universal sigh from all Ryan Adams fans.)

Anyway – so when I heard he was playing two nights at Shepherd’s Bush Empire I was ridiculously excited and at first intended to get tickets for both nights but the tickets sold out so quickly I was only able to get them for one night. And it was honestly one of the most amazing concerts I’ve ever been to.

It’s not like the crowd was lively or the setlist was one I’d have immediately picked, but Ryan Adam’s beautiful voice made it feel like the world had stopped and the feeling of awe was palpable from everyone in the room. The atmosphere was incredible and the music was just so, so perfect. I can’t explain it.

The band was so tight but at the same time so laid back it was obvious how pure their talent was, and it made the whole show feel so incredibly raw.

My personal favourites from the set were My Wrecking Ball, Political Scientist and Oh My Sweet Carolina. 

Another highlight was Johnny Depp joining Ryan and the band onstage for the encoures Kim and I Love You But I Don’t Know What To Say. His presence definitely changed the atmosphere a bit and his and Ryan’s chemistry was wonderful.

If you haven’t given Ryan Adams a listen before, I definitely recommend you give him a try. He’s got a very soft alt-country vibe going on, but his newer album has definitely developed into a more rocky sound and lost some of the country elements. Either way though, he’s one of the most perfect chill sounding artists out there and if you’re looking for a good artist to listen to whilst reflecting upon your life – I couldn’t recommend him any higher.