The Balcony – Catfish and the Bottlemen

by lucylikesbands

I’m sure if you rely on Twitter to hear about new indie bands, then you’ll have heard of Catfish and the Bottlemen. However, if you’re dependant on magazines like NME for example, you’ll probably have heard very little about them considering NME seem to never, ever write about them.

This is pretty stupid on NME’s part considering Catfish and the Bottlemen are clearly on the rise, with the realise of their debut album the Balcony raising up the chart on its release date, 15th September.

I had pretty high hopes for this album, after big love for the singles and their live performances, with tickets booked to see them in November and the album on pre-order, and I was definitely not disappointed. Whilst a lot of the songs on the album I knew already from them being released as singles previously, I was definitely pleased with the newer songs on the album as well, and I think the band are really going to take the world by storm some time soon.

The main thing I really love about this album, and this band in general, is the energy you get just from listening to them on record that makes you just know they’re a great live band. Not just that, but their songs’ lyrics are youthful but don’t take themselves too seriously and this is really refreshing and great to hear in the music of today.

If you haven’t listened to Catfish and the Bottlemen, I strongly suggest checking them out. My personal favourite songs on the album are Kathleen and Hourglass, but it’s hard to pick because I honestly love them all.

Album rate – 9/10