Jack White at Eventim Apollo Review

by lucylikesbands

Last night I went to see Jack White at Eventim Apollo, and I went with ridiculously high expectations after seeing him at the same venue (however it was still called Hammersmith Apollo at that time) and being overwhelmed by his live performance and the contagious energy given out the whole way through.

I was not in the slightest disappointed. Jack started the set with Sixteen Saltines, from the album Blunderbuss, and the amount of energy he gave out was insane, and the crowd reacted with such liveliness. As the set continued with a mix of solo work (prominently from the new album Lazaretto, but also some tracks from Blunderbuss), White Stripes songs, Raconteurs songs and I believe there was a Dead Weather song as well, the energy was kept at such a high level all the way through. The band were fantastic, especially the drummer, and Jack himself was of course on point also.

I’d say my personal highlights were Seven Nation Army (of course), Steady As She Goes, Three Women, Lazaretto and High Ball Stepper. (Also being stood next to Noel Fielding at the bar was pretty cool as well).

If you like a lively gig then I strongly recommend you go see Jack White on his tour this autumn. He’s honestly one of the best live performers about and whilst the tickets are pretty pricey (I think mine was about £30, and frankly I find any ticket over £20 pricey), it’s definitely worth it.