My Glorious Return

by lucylikesbands

You may have forgotten who I am, and frankly, I can’t blame you. I disappeared in April from blogging to “focus on GCSEs and stufF” and admittedly, I did focus on that stuff, and I did the exams etc etc, although they finished on the 18th of June, which was a couple of weeks ago so I have had time to blog since then but I just haven’t, I’m sorry.

But I’m back now! I’m going to be continuing my old schedule of posting every Wednesday and hopefully now I’m off for summer I’ll be able to stick in a few posts at random in between my posting days.

In the time I’ve been away I haven’t exactly done much aside from revising for exams and taking said exams, but I did go see Arctic Monkeys, Miles Kane, Tame Impala and Royal Blood at Finsbury Park, and whilst it is way too late for a review I just want to say that gig was amazing.

I also just got back from seeing Jack White, so expect a review of that posted on Wednesday or possibly before.

Thank you for staying with me, and sorry for being gone so long!

Lucy, x