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Month: July, 2014

Summer Songs Part 1

A mix of happy and sad songs about summer and being young and stupid etc…

  • Let’s Go Surfing // The Drums
  • Down By The Water // The Drums

Most of The Drums’ self-titled album “The Drums” has a pretty summery vibe to it, but these two songs in particular stick out to me in particular. Let’s Go Surfing is blatantly summer-themed, not only with the lyrics but with the whistling and the general fast tempo. Down By The Water has a much slower tempo, and as a contrast gives the idea of a summer evening rather than a summer day.

  • Long Hair // Drowners

An upbeat song with a nostalgic vibe that talks a lot about being young and it makes you want to get off your arse and go enjoy yourself and make the most of your summer. It’s not so much a summer song as such, but more of a song about nostalgia and being young.

  • Wetsuit // The Vaccines
  • That Summer Feeling // The Vaccines

The Vaccines are, in general, a pretty summery-sounding band, especially with their early stuff. Wetsuit is a song about summer activities and being young and wild and free etc, whilst That Summer Feeling, originally by Jonathan Richman, is more about lusting for summer and everything it brings, and is much more gentle, perfect to listen to on warm summer nights.

  • Seaside // The Kooks

Not much to say really-this song is obviously about the seaside and being in love and being happy and that’s kind of what everyone wants their summer to be like isn’t it? (Even if your summer is mostly just watching every single episode of your favourite TV show)

  • California Daze // Peace

A song that again, is slow and beautiful and has a very nostalgic vibe to it. Perfect to listen to while watching the sun set or something cheesy like that. 

  • Diane Young // Vampire Weekend

Every year I look back on the summer and think about what my “summer anthem” was, i.e. the song I listened to on repeat non stop and sang all the time probably pissing everyone off to no end (this year I’m pretty sure mine is Lazaretto by Jack White). Last summer mine was definitely Diane Young and perhaps it is due to this that I consider it a song related to summer rather than it actually being one. Either way, it’s upbeat and cheery even if the message isn’t necessarily so happy.

  • Reckless Serenade // Arctic Monkeys

With a cheery bass line and lustful lyrics, Reckless Serenade is such a perfect summer song because it’s just so gently happy, without it coming out as some kind of festival anthem which usually you’re sick of by the end of the summer.

  • Old Pine // Ben Howard

This song is slow, soft and beautiful, with nostalgic lyrics about beaches and summer, etc. Perfect to listen to on a warm summer night, and was practically the only song I listened to during summer 2012.


Sorry I’ve hardly been writing on here lately, I’ve just been busy with friends, etc, but I’m going to really try to write on here more regularly. 


Jack White at Eventim Apollo Review

Last night I went to see Jack White at Eventim Apollo, and I went with ridiculously high expectations after seeing him at the same venue (however it was still called Hammersmith Apollo at that time) and being overwhelmed by his live performance and the contagious energy given out the whole way through.

I was not in the slightest disappointed. Jack started the set with Sixteen Saltines, from the album Blunderbuss, and the amount of energy he gave out was insane, and the crowd reacted with such liveliness. As the set continued with a mix of solo work (prominently from the new album Lazaretto, but also some tracks from Blunderbuss), White Stripes songs, Raconteurs songs and I believe there was a Dead Weather song as well, the energy was kept at such a high level all the way through. The band were fantastic, especially the drummer, and Jack himself was of course on point also.

I’d say my personal highlights were Seven Nation Army (of course), Steady As She Goes, Three Women, Lazaretto and High Ball Stepper. (Also being stood next to Noel Fielding at the bar was pretty cool as well).

If you like a lively gig then I strongly recommend you go see Jack White on his tour this autumn. He’s honestly one of the best live performers about and whilst the tickets are pretty pricey (I think mine was about £30, and frankly I find any ticket over £20 pricey), it’s definitely worth it.

My Glorious Return

You may have forgotten who I am, and frankly, I can’t blame you. I disappeared in April from blogging to “focus on GCSEs and stufF” and admittedly, I did focus on that stuff, and I did the exams etc etc, although they finished on the 18th of June, which was a couple of weeks ago so I have had time to blog since then but I just haven’t, I’m sorry.

But I’m back now! I’m going to be continuing my old schedule of posting every Wednesday and hopefully now I’m off for summer I’ll be able to stick in a few posts at random in between my posting days.

In the time I’ve been away I haven’t exactly done much aside from revising for exams and taking said exams, but I did go see Arctic Monkeys, Miles Kane, Tame Impala and Royal Blood at Finsbury Park, and whilst it is way too late for a review I just want to say that gig was amazing.

I also just got back from seeing Jack White, so expect a review of that posted on Wednesday or possibly before.

Thank you for staying with me, and sorry for being gone so long!

Lucy, x