Revision Playlist #1

by lucylikesbands

GCSEs and big exams and all that are coming up, and the most important thing when it comes to revision is good music.

For me, the defining feature of a good revision playlist is softness and chilledness and not too distracting when you’re meant to be doing work, so that’s what I’ve tried to do here. Obviously my actual playlist is longer than this, but I didn’t want to write about every single song, so maybe at some point I’ll make a part two.

  • Intro // The XX

Instrumental/practically instrumental songs are awesome to revise to, this one is no exception. It’s super chilled but not boring or dull.

  • Glass In The Park // Alex Turner

I could have put any song from the Submarine soundtrack on here, because it’s honestly the most perfect collection of songs ever. They’re all so beautiful and chilled, and when I’m revising I need something kind of chilled.

  • Crazier With You // Elvis Depressedly

I’ve got like a zillion Elvis Depressedly songs on this playlist, but I’m only writing about this one because it’s probably my favourite of the lot. Really chilled, really raw, I love it.

  • How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep // Bombay Bicycle Club

This song is so lovely; the guitar, the lyrics, the vocals. (To be honest I was tempted to put about a million other Bombay Bicycle Club songs on here as well-they’re really fab to work to.)

  • White Leather // Wolf Alice

I’ve stated way too many times about how much I love Wolf Alice, and so honestly I wanted to put all of their songs on here (that’s not hard to be honest, they haven’t released much yet, *impatient sigh*). Ellie’s voice is so stunning, and I think that particularly shows in this song.

  • Simmer // Swim Deep

Such a lovely song, the piano at the end is so gorgeous! Just a really nice chill song with really chilled vocals and yeah, nice to work to.

  • Songbird // Oasis

This is one of my favourite Oasis songs, it’s got a really nice melody, and the lyrics are really proper sweet.

  • Intro // Warpaint

Instrumental songs are absolutely fantastic when you’re supposed to be studying, because you won’t find yourself writing song lyrics down by accident or belting along using your pencil case as a microphone. This song is just really cool, basically.

  • You Keep Showing Up // Drowners

Matt’s voice is just so gorgeous that listening to it makes studying less terrible. This song is just so simple and lovely, I love it.

  • Coming Of Age // Tribes

This is for sure one of my favourite Tribes songs,and it’s really good to study to because you can work to the verses and then you sing along all dramatically to the chorus.