Cool Covers

by lucylikesbands

You may have heard about the Beatles cover album which is coming out featuring artists like Tame Impala and MGMT-and Miley Cyrus *gasp*. I have high hopes for this compilation-even the Miley Cyrus part. I’m excited to see what’ll come of it.

In honour of this, here’s a list of my favourite covers-and no, none of them are Beatles ones.

Ben Howard – Call Me Maybe

It’s insane how he’s turned such an annoying, commercialised song into a gorgeous, chill, beautiful song. It’s hard to believe it’s even the same song to be honest.

Wolf Alice – Roar

The soft simplicity of the minimalist first verse and chorus with Ellie’s light voice is such an amazing contrast to how the rest of their cover follows-which is much more lively and guitar driven.

Peace – White Noise

Harrison’s voice sounds so so awesome with this track and it becomes much funkier with the heavy bass line and it’s just the coolest ok?

Arctic Monkeys – You Know I’m No Good

It’s hard to pick a favourite Arctic Monkeys cover, because they’ve covered loads of cool songs and pulled them off fantastically, but this is for sure my favourite. Although they didn’t change the song that much, as this was recorded when Alex’s voice was less-for lack of a better word-americanized (that’s not to say I dislike his newer singing style), and so there’s a real unique-ness to their approach to this.

Superfood – Lovefool

I really love this cover because the vocals differ so much from the original’s, which makes this cover way more unique and interesting.

Kings Of Leon – Dancing On My Own

This song just sounds so emotional and powerful with Caleb’s vocals-I absolutely love it. It’s not a massively obscure or uniquely done cover, but it does sound really lovely and is definitely one of my favourites.

Drowners – Cigarette Burns Forever

Ahh this song suits Matt’s voice so nicely and it just sounds so beautiful and gentle! Not massively different to the original-but it still sounds really fantastic.

Oasis – My Generation

You don’t even really have to listen to this to know that’s it’s going to be fantastic-Oasis covering The Who. It’s not like they change the song massively-but it still just sounds absolutely incredible as one legendary band covers another.

Swim Deep – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I literally love this cover so much-it starts off really lovely and mellow and while the soft livens up, Austin’s voice remains mellow and unique and ahh I just love this. (Plus this cover is amazing live.)

If you know any cool covers that I haven’t listed, feel free to comment them and I’ll have a listen.

By the way, my band Hen-Jenny has just put three new originals songs on soundcloud if you fancy checking them out.

Thailand // Hen-Jenny

Friendly Ghost // Hen-Jenny

Some Boys // Hen-Jenny