Forever Favourites #1

by lucylikesbands

My top favourite song list is always changing, but these are ones that will absolutely for sure never leave, and have been in that list for years (meaning that these are prominently slightly older songs.)

  • Don’t Look Back In Anger // Oasis

Is it bad that I can’t listen to this song without crying? This song, in my opinion, is literally perfect, despite being overplayed to death. It’s always been in my life this song has. My dad’s a big Oasis fan, and this song was playing when I was born, so it’s literally been there all my life. I don’t know what it is I love most about this song-the beautiful guitar sound, the lyrics which could be given whatever meaning suits you that day, the fantastic, fantastic intro.

  • Thank You // Led Zeppelin

I’ve written about this song before, in my top seven favourite love songs ( but this song is so beautiful, it’s insane.

  • Riot Van // Arctic Monkeys

Definitely my favourite Arctic Monkeys song. The lightness of touch and simplicity in this song is so effective, and goes so beautifully with the clever lyrics. Very different to the kind of stuff they release today, but definitely a pure beauty.

  • Everlasting Light // The Black Keys

The lyrics are beautiful, the beat is cool, the vocals are awesome and typical Black Keys-esque. This song is just overall fantastic.

  • Mr Brightside // The Killers

I don’t even really need to talk about this song-I feel like there isn’t a person in the world who doesn’t love this song (if you say you don’t then you’re lying to yourself). It’s impossible not to have the lyrics etched into your brain forever. A true belter-and fantastic live.

  • Someday // The Strokes

This is my favourite song from a fantastic album by a fantastic band. The nostalgic lyrics just go really well with Julian’s voice, and despite the subtle sadness amongst the nostalgia in the lyrics, the tune is upbeat and happy.

  • Can’t Stand Me Now // The Libertines

This song is so ridiculously tight and perfectly timed, yet still holding the rough messiness that the Libertines are known for. Not only this, but the lyrics are insanely clever (“an ending fitting for the start, you twist and tore our love apart”). Absolutely adore this song.

  • I’m One // The Who

A fantastically subtly uplifting song which starts off pretty sad, and then has a beautiful lift-something I absolutely love in songs. This change in mood is what makes this song so wonderful to me, along with the brilliant lyrics.

  • Joe’s Head // Kings of Leon

Who doesn’t love a really uplifting tune with lyrics about a dead body? This song comes from the first Kings of Leon album, and I feel that it really doesn’t get enough recognition. I seriously love the irony between the lyrics and the music.

  • Get Back // The Beatles

I find it pretty much impossible to pick a favourite Beatles song, but this one’s pretty damn close. So many things make this song incredible to me-the guitar, the vocals, the memories of seeing it performed by Paul McCartney and Ronnie Wood whilst I was front row. It’s just a brilliant song.

I’m going to leave it at that for now, but I have plenty other songs that I consider my “forever favourites” so expect a part two to this.