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Month: March, 2014

March Playlist

Before I get into anything-how the hell is it already nearly April???
This month’s been really cool, actually, despite nothing major happening. I’ve just had a nice month, spent some time with some cool people, had a pretty chill time, listened to a lot of music, etc etc.

You know how this works; these are the songs I’ve been listening to most over the month-some new, some old, some I’ve loved for ages, some I’ve just discovered, etc etc.

  • Luna // Bombay Bicycle Club

The whole of Bombay Bicycle Club’s new album So Long, See You Tomorrow is absolutely fantastic. It hasn’t been out long so I haven’t picked a favourite yet, but I’d heard Luna as a single beforehand. Luna, like the whole album, is really chill but also beautifully upbeat, and though I never really listened to Bombay Bicycle Club much in the past-this album has really made me listen to them a lot recently, and I think I’ve found a new love.

  • Babies // Pulp

This has been my favourite Pulp song for ages, but I’ve just been listening to a lot lately. I love the guitar in it, and the lyrics are of the typical Pulp style, quirky and colloquial and witty. (I also feel like this is a good time to mention that me and my best friend met Jarvis Cocker in September and he was cool as.)

  • No Waves // FIDLAR

FIDLAR are the type of band who when I listen to them, I feel like a cool as f*ck teenage delinquent, whilst in reality I’m sitting in my room scrolling down twitter and eating ritz crackers. When I first listened to FIDLAR a few months ago, I wasn’t into it, but I listened again recently and actually really liked it, so I guess it just took some time for me to get into it.

  • What A Pleasure // Beach Fossils

This is so lovely and chilled and nice to listen to on bike rides (I have a specific playlist for bike rides ok). It’s so relaxed and summery and it’s not depressing but it’s not uplifting, it’s just wistful, it’s just chilled. I’m so glad to have found a new band to get into, especially as Beach Fossils have already released two albums and this EP and I’m just late to the Beach Fossils party. I had a lot of catching up to do, and I’m happy to do it.

  • Mickey Yr A Fuck Up // Elvis Depressedly

I can’t even describe this song-whatever I say is going to be wrong because I can’t articulate what this song is and how it makes me feel. You should just go listen to it and then you’ll feel the way I feel and I won’t have to explain anything. But basically, it’s the most beautiful song I’ve heard in a very long time and I love it so much.

  • World Pleasure // Peace

NEW PEACE SONG NEW PEACE SONG IS ANYONE ELSE SCREAMING OVER THE NEW PEACE SONG? Basically, I love this. I was worried that after such an incredible album like In Love, Peace wouldn’t be able to follow it without sounding too radically different and without sounding too similar to before. But World Pleasure, which has been compared to the likes of Primal Scream (and I’ve also seen a few comparisons to the Stone Roses as well…and Robbie Williams), is awesome-it’s funky, the bass is pure beauty, and it’s a brilliant comeback.

  • The Bold Arrow Of Time // Tame Impala

This has been my favourite Tame Impala song for ages, but I’ve just been listening to it loads again this month. The guitar in this is just perfection!

  • Down By The Water // The Drums

Only started listening to the Drums recently, so I haven’t really picked a favourite song just yet, but this one is definitely up there. It’s really chill, really summery (like most of the Drums’ music, I’ve found), and just really nice and subtly happy.

  • Revival // Deerhunter

I only started listening to Deerhunter recently, because my friend saw them supporting Arctic Monkeys at Madison Square Gardens and said they were really good. So I listened to them and they’ve basically become my new obsession this month. I really like this song in particular because, like a lot of songs on this playlist, it’s really spring-and-summery.


There’s obviously more songs I’ve been listening to this month, but if I talked about all of them this would be way way too long. Anyway, have a lovely April!


Cool Covers

You may have heard about the Beatles cover album which is coming out featuring artists like Tame Impala and MGMT-and Miley Cyrus *gasp*. I have high hopes for this compilation-even the Miley Cyrus part. I’m excited to see what’ll come of it.

In honour of this, here’s a list of my favourite covers-and no, none of them are Beatles ones.

Ben Howard – Call Me Maybe

It’s insane how he’s turned such an annoying, commercialised song into a gorgeous, chill, beautiful song. It’s hard to believe it’s even the same song to be honest.

Wolf Alice – Roar

The soft simplicity of the minimalist first verse and chorus with Ellie’s light voice is such an amazing contrast to how the rest of their cover follows-which is much more lively and guitar driven.

Peace – White Noise

Harrison’s voice sounds so so awesome with this track and it becomes much funkier with the heavy bass line and it’s just the coolest ok?

Arctic Monkeys – You Know I’m No Good

It’s hard to pick a favourite Arctic Monkeys cover, because they’ve covered loads of cool songs and pulled them off fantastically, but this is for sure my favourite. Although they didn’t change the song that much, as this was recorded when Alex’s voice was less-for lack of a better word-americanized (that’s not to say I dislike his newer singing style), and so there’s a real unique-ness to their approach to this.

Superfood – Lovefool

I really love this cover because the vocals differ so much from the original’s, which makes this cover way more unique and interesting.

Kings Of Leon – Dancing On My Own

This song just sounds so emotional and powerful with Caleb’s vocals-I absolutely love it. It’s not a massively obscure or uniquely done cover, but it does sound really lovely and is definitely one of my favourites.

Drowners – Cigarette Burns Forever

Ahh this song suits Matt’s voice so nicely and it just sounds so beautiful and gentle! Not massively different to the original-but it still sounds really fantastic.

Oasis – My Generation

You don’t even really have to listen to this to know that’s it’s going to be fantastic-Oasis covering The Who. It’s not like they change the song massively-but it still just sounds absolutely incredible as one legendary band covers another.

Swim Deep – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I literally love this cover so much-it starts off really lovely and mellow and while the soft livens up, Austin’s voice remains mellow and unique and ahh I just love this. (Plus this cover is amazing live.)

If you know any cool covers that I haven’t listed, feel free to comment them and I’ll have a listen.

By the way, my band Hen-Jenny has just put three new originals songs on soundcloud if you fancy checking them out.

Thailand // Hen-Jenny

Friendly Ghost // Hen-Jenny

Some Boys // Hen-Jenny

Forever Favourites #1

My top favourite song list is always changing, but these are ones that will absolutely for sure never leave, and have been in that list for years (meaning that these are prominently slightly older songs.)

  • Don’t Look Back In Anger // Oasis

Is it bad that I can’t listen to this song without crying? This song, in my opinion, is literally perfect, despite being overplayed to death. It’s always been in my life this song has. My dad’s a big Oasis fan, and this song was playing when I was born, so it’s literally been there all my life. I don’t know what it is I love most about this song-the beautiful guitar sound, the lyrics which could be given whatever meaning suits you that day, the fantastic, fantastic intro.

  • Thank You // Led Zeppelin

I’ve written about this song before, in my top seven favourite love songs ( but this song is so beautiful, it’s insane.

  • Riot Van // Arctic Monkeys

Definitely my favourite Arctic Monkeys song. The lightness of touch and simplicity in this song is so effective, and goes so beautifully with the clever lyrics. Very different to the kind of stuff they release today, but definitely a pure beauty.

  • Everlasting Light // The Black Keys

The lyrics are beautiful, the beat is cool, the vocals are awesome and typical Black Keys-esque. This song is just overall fantastic.

  • Mr Brightside // The Killers

I don’t even really need to talk about this song-I feel like there isn’t a person in the world who doesn’t love this song (if you say you don’t then you’re lying to yourself). It’s impossible not to have the lyrics etched into your brain forever. A true belter-and fantastic live.

  • Someday // The Strokes

This is my favourite song from a fantastic album by a fantastic band. The nostalgic lyrics just go really well with Julian’s voice, and despite the subtle sadness amongst the nostalgia in the lyrics, the tune is upbeat and happy.

  • Can’t Stand Me Now // The Libertines

This song is so ridiculously tight and perfectly timed, yet still holding the rough messiness that the Libertines are known for. Not only this, but the lyrics are insanely clever (“an ending fitting for the start, you twist and tore our love apart”). Absolutely adore this song.

  • I’m One // The Who

A fantastically subtly uplifting song which starts off pretty sad, and then has a beautiful lift-something I absolutely love in songs. This change in mood is what makes this song so wonderful to me, along with the brilliant lyrics.

  • Joe’s Head // Kings of Leon

Who doesn’t love a really uplifting tune with lyrics about a dead body? This song comes from the first Kings of Leon album, and I feel that it really doesn’t get enough recognition. I seriously love the irony between the lyrics and the music.

  • Get Back // The Beatles

I find it pretty much impossible to pick a favourite Beatles song, but this one’s pretty damn close. So many things make this song incredible to me-the guitar, the vocals, the memories of seeing it performed by Paul McCartney and Ronnie Wood whilst I was front row. It’s just a brilliant song.

I’m going to leave it at that for now, but I have plenty other songs that I consider my “forever favourites” so expect a part two to this.

Cool Speeches Make For Cool People

As we approach the end of award show season, it seems like a good time to look back on the winners of the awards, the outfits, the hairstyles, etc, but one topic from any award show that has been talked about to death is Alex Turner’s speech at the Brits.

“He’s so obnoxious and full-of-himself, acting like he’s the second coming of Jesus!”
“Cyclical nature of the universe? What the actual f*ck?”
“Alex, why do you only make speeches when you’re high?”

Okay-for one second, let’s ignore the fact that Arctic Monkeys are my favourite band and I really wanted them to win as many awards as physically possibly, that I’m mega biased when talking about that band, that if Alex Turner punched my cat, I’d still say it was probably an accident.

I personally think that rock stars are rock stars and acting like they’re gods-well, that’s their job isn’t it?

People saying that Alex dropping the microphone was arrogant and stupid? Well, maybe it was. But it’s for sure not unheard of. At the Brits 2010, Liam Gallagher threw his microphone into the audience-acting up, that’s what rock stars do! It doesn’t mean they’re bad people, it just means they’re putting on a bit of a show!

Sure, it’s nice to see the break-through artist getting a little emotional and thanking their mums, dads and dogs, but is it not true rock n roll tradition to be a bit of a wanker at times? Rock stars acting like they’re a million levels of cool above you, that’s awesome, until the moment when-if-you meet them, when personally, I think they should drop the act and be nice because if it weren’t for the fans they’d have nothing. But yeah, on stage, making speeches, playing a gig? They have every right to be as cool and arrogant as they want to be.

So, kids, the morale of the story is: rock stars are infinitely cooler than us mere mortals when they’re doing anything on stage. Off stage, they can be the loveliest people on the planet, but on stage they can be as arrogant as they want. It’s just the nature of the universe.