February Playlist

by lucylikesbands

Yeah, okay, you know the drill; here’s my favourite songs of the month-some are new, some are old, some I’ve just started loving, some I’ve loved for ages and recently my love’s been rekindled.

  • Mesmerise // Temples

I honestly wanted to put the whole of Temples’ debut album Sun Structures on here, but I settled with just this song, since it’s currently my favourite on the album. After seeing Temples at an in-store at Rough Trade, I’ve been loving them more and more. After Noel Gallagher criticised BBC Radio 1 for not playing bands like Temples and Jagwar Ma, Temples’ new album had certainly gotten some hype, but it’s definitely lived up to expectations and the album is fab and psychedelic.

  • Salvia Plath // Teen Suicide

This song is raw and perfect for listening to in the early hours of the morning when you still haven’t slept but the sun’s rising. To be honest, the whole of the EP Goblin Problems is really rad, go listen.

  • Everything Is Embarrassing // Sky Ferreira

This song is really catchy and her voice is beautiful-her music reminds me a little of Haim’s, with the punchy drum beats and catchy tunes. (Also this song title basically describes my life.)

  • What You Wanted // Spector

Since meeting Fred Macpherson at the Drowner’s in-store at Rough Trade, I’ve just felt like listening to Spector more, since it’s been a while since I gave the full album a proper listen. I’ve been listening to this song loads in particular, it’s really catchy and as with all Spector songs, Fred’s voice is just…phwoar.

  • Pass It On // The Coral

I’ve been getting the train loads this month for various reasons, and for some reason I find this song is really nice to listen to on a train. A really happy tune that will for sure make your train journey a little less boring and might encourage you to smile at strangers or something.

  • Simmer // Swim Deep

Another song that’s fab to listen to in the early hours of the morning when the sun’s coming up and you realise you’ve pulled an all-nighter, Simmer-the b-side to She Changes The Weather-is stunningly soft and gentle, something that goes beautifully with Austin’s voice.

  • Watch You Change // Drowners

I’ve been loving the whole of Drowner’s debut album Drowners, especially after seeing them play the whole of it at the Rough Trade in-store (where I also met them and they were lovely), and I wrote a review of the album here-https://lucylikesbands.wordpress.com/2014/01/29/drowners-drowners-review/ so I won’t go into too much detail about them, but this song is my current favourite. Like all the tracks on the album, it’s catchy with clever lyrics.

  • TV // Superfood

With quirky lyrics and Superfood’s unique singing style, TV is mega catchy and will stay stuck in your head for days, but is still for sure a unique song by a pretty unique band.

  • Whatever // Oasis

I’ve always loved this song, but for some reason I’ve just been listening to it so much more this month. (It’s rare that a month will go by where I haven’t had my love rekindled for an Oasis song.) This song is so uplifting, with the lyrics (“whatever you say, yeah, whatever you do, I know it’s alright”) and the happy melody-it’ll cheer you up no matter your mood.

  • Child // The Maccabees

I was really into the Maccabees about two years ago, and for some reason I went on a huge break from them and didn’t listen to them for ages. I started listening to them again this month and just remembered why I loved them so much. Child is filled with a swelling sense of emotion which builds up and gently dissolves throughout the song.

  • Family Friend // The Vaccines

I was utterly obsessed with the Vaccines throughout 2012, and throughout last year my obsession kind of fizzled out and I didn’t listen to them for ages-but recently I’ve been listening to them a lot more and this song especially has reminded me why I loved them so much. It’s got such a gentle lightness of touch that it’s simple but not bland, perfect chill out tune.