Badass Is Best

by lucylikesbands

So hey here’s a playlist for if you fancy feeling particularly badass one day for if you happen to be walking down the street in a leather jacket and Doc Martins and you want to feel invincible.

  • Thickfreakness // The Black Keys

Maybe it’s the messy guitar riff or maybe it’s Auerbach’s vocals, but you just can’t escape the badass vibe.

“Hold me, love me / In your heart.”

  • The Rat // The Walkmen

Scratchy vocals, thrashing instrumentals, angry lyrics. Perfect combo for a badass tune.

“You’ve got a nerve to be asking a favour / You’ve got a nerve to be calling my number.”

  • Bad Mood // The Vaccines

That riff, man, that riff just embodies this whole theme, y’know?

“Better to be ready if you rattle my cage / Oh I should loosen up some, baby I know.”

  • She // Wolf Alice

When you’ve got a song in which the singer belts “IT’S SO EASY TO REBEL” you know you’ve got a badass tune, plus the guitar is fantastic.

“She’s got a boyfriend in the band / And they’ve done more than just hold hands.”

  • Arabella // Arctic Monkeys

Pretend this song is written about you, yeah, and then you’re covered.

“Wraps her lips round a Mexican Coke / Makes you wish that you were the bottle.”

  • Steady, As She Goes // The Raconteurs

If that intro hasn’t got you feeling on top of the world, then I don’t know what will.

“Well here we go again you found yourself a friend who knows you well / But no matter what you do you’ll always feel as though you tripped and fell.”

  • Mallrats (La La La) // The Orwells

A song about youths causing ruckus? That sounds like *gasp* a pretty damn badass tune.

“Yeah that’s the chick I saw, met my baby at the mall / Walking round with them all, looking for push-up bras.”

  • Smells Like Teen Spirit // Nirvana

That. Guitar.

“With the lights out, it’s less dangerous / Here we are now, entertain us.”

  • Bar Chat // Drowners

Thrashing instrumentals, pissed off lyrics, yeah this song has got it all to make you feel pretty badass.

“What’s the point in running just to be the fastest loser? / And where’s the point in watching all those vulchers linger?”

So yeah, that’s my playlist for if you fancy feeling like badass. Or at least, it works for me.