Drowners // Drowners Review

by lucylikesbands

Drowners’ self-titled debut album Drowners has been described as a mix of the Strokes, the Smiths and the Vaccines, and really I couldn’t agree more with those comparisons, but despite this, I still see a noticeable unique quirkiness ridden in this album, particularly in such songs as ‘Unzip Your Harrington’ and ‘Bar Chat’, and a fair amount of wild excitement that just indicates how fantastic this band should be live (I can’t say if they are fantastic live, since I’ve never seen them so I have no evidence to back up this statement, but if their music is anything to go by, they should be able to bring the house down.)

There’s something about this album that excerpts such an infectious energy that makes the listener excited to be young, or perhaps wish they were, if they’re of an older age. Maybe it’s the upbeat guitar tunes that the majority of the songs are graced with, or the lyrics about the lyrics of happy memories that are featured in most of the tracks also-in particular, “Long Hair” with such lines as “barely nineteen I see you every night, whispering between us girls,” and “all the girls had long hair, and all the boys had long hair, and you were missing out.” If you want to get excited about life and youth and making a fantastic future, then this is the album to listen to.

Drowners // Drowners – 8.5/10

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